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What Makes a Private Security Patrol Provider Responsive & Effective?

With property and violent crime rates in Los Angeles soaring past that of all of California and the rest of the nation, the need for private security in LA is increasing rapidly. By adding private security to homes, estates, or businesses, Los Angeles residents can mitigate the risks of increasing crime and live with greater peace of mind.

Choosing a private security provider in your area shouldn’t be taken lightly. Not all security measures and companies are created equal, and much research should be done before deciding to invest in security for your property. To help neighborhoods, business owners, and facilities recognize what to look for in a security provider, we’ve compiled a list of the top qualities that make private security patrols effective.

Vet the following qualities in any security patrol service business before moving forward and you will find yourself with the most effective and professional solution.

  • 24/7 Nearby Human Presence and Fast Response
  • Professional Customer Service
  • Law Enforcement Qualified Personnel 
  • Direct, On-Demand Access to Neighborhood Guards

Lesser-known effective add-ons that benefit clients of a private security company include:

  • Home Security Sweeps/Checks
  • Neighborhood Alerts & Reporting
  • Package Handling 
  • Vacation Property Watch

With so much on the line, only the best and most effective security is ultimately what you should invest in. Security is a service where compromises can end up costing you far more over the long term. Read on to learn the benefit of each of the above services and learn questions to ask a private safety company on how they can protect your family and assets.

H2: Question #1: How far will the private patrol be from my location & what is the average response time of the security patrol?

This question will give you valuable insight into what you can expect from your security provider when you call them. Who will you be speaking to and how far removed are they from the responding resource? To be effective, security patrols should be within approximately one mile of a property—ideally, no matter the time of day or night. Inquire if the company offers 24-hour service or if there are times of day/holidays wear your asset will be unprotected.

The time it takes for a security patrol to make it to your property, drastically affects the outcome of a potentially threatening situation. This response time is directly affected by how close patrolling personnel are to you, your ability to directly communicate with that person, and their ability to respond quickly.

Compare their response time to the average police response time in Los Angeles and ensure that you’re getting the most efficient security possible. With the average police response time nearly 7 minutes, and only for qualified emergencies, you should ensure that a private patrol can respond faster and more reliably. A good response time for a private company should be no more than 5 minutes in a metropolitan area such as LA.

H3: Question #2: What kind of customer service can be expected from your security company?

Service availability is a crucial component to the effectiveness of a home or business security team. You should know exactly when your safety provider will and will not be available and should measure the risks that come with any gap times. Choosing a security provider that offers 24/7/365 service is the best way to make sure you’re always fully protected.

Ask providers if you will be given the direct phone number of the patrol unit or guard in your vicinity. Sometimes, a customer service number is not appropriate if a security response is needed quickly in the middle of the night. Ideally, you should have direct access to responding security personnel.

H4: Question #4: Does your company offer neighborhood safety alerts & reporting?

Because security patrols are often spread across neighborhoods and communities, a top-quality security company should have enough critical mass of customers and service activity that they are able to have up-to-date awareness of potential threats in or near those serviced areas. The best companies also have patrol officers dedicated to specific areas that are relatively contiguous and not too large.

An effective private patrol company should have enough resources present on the ground and an efficient alert system that allows other patrols to be aware of potential threats and act accordingly. While many generic security companies and often, public agencies, are not present enough in a service area, there are superior security companies that have the eyes, ears, and alerts right where they are most productive for customers in that area. Accurate reporting and involvement have been proven to prevent crime, making an alert team a vital part of private security patrol services.

H5: Question #5: What additional security services can a security company offer?

Many private security companies offer a full range of services to adequately protect your home, family, or business from intrusions and criminal mishaps. You should completely understand the list of these offerings and make use of them as applicable to get the most from your security company. Package handling and vacation property watch are great service add-ons that a quality neighborhood patrol company should be able to offer. You should also inquire about a patrol team’s ability to respond to your home or business in the event of a tripped private alarm system.

H6: Choosing a Reliable Private Security Provider in Los Angeles, CA

If you’re looking for increased safety and security in your Los Angeles business or home, SSA Security Group offers a leading and fulsome set of solutions. SSA Specializes in armed neighborhood patrol services with its team of trained off-duty and former police officers.

SSA’s 24-7-365 armed security team is ready to protect your home, business, or other property, and is committed to keeping communities safe. Contact SSA today and as how about effective neighborhood security services that are tailored to your needs.

Our Residential and Commercial Security Patrol Service Includes:


Trained Police Officer Personnel

Our security personnel are professionally trained off-duty or former police and law enforcement. Our personnel often have working relationships and direct lines of communication with on-duty law enforcement resources.


24/7/365 Armed Patrol

We provide constant security presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fast Response Times

Our clients receive four-minute or less incident response times, and are typically far faster than public options.


Constant Visible Deterrent

Our 24/7/365 security presence is dedicated your neighbourhood and provides a constant, visible deterrent to crime and trespassers.


Law Enforcement Leadership

Our company leadership consists of former LAPD and law enforcement professionals with deep law-enforcement training and relationships.


Residence Checks and Security Sweeps

We are available to conduct on-demand home checks and security sweeps of our clients’ properties.


Home Security Audits

All clients receive an audit of their home security setup and associated systems.


Alarm Response

We often act as our clients’ first responders to home and panic alarms. We can work with your alarm company.


Vacation Property Watch

Our clients who are away from their property for extended periods rely on us for on-demand or regular property checks.


Package Handling

For clients away from their property we are able to handle the retrievable and secure storage of sensitive deliveries.


Neighborhood Security Alerts and Communications

We provide our clients with regular updates regarding neighborhood security and incident reporting.