Subscription-Based Private Security and On-Call Patrol

for Individual Residences, Businesses, and Neighborhoods

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    SSA Security Group (SSA) provides 24/7 on-call private security to residences, businesses, executives, and VIPs. Established in 1991 and consistently recognized as industry leaders, SSA’s elite-trained, POST-certified* (Police Officer Standardized Training) off-duty law enforcement officers, military veterans, and security staff serve communities throughout Southern California.

    We Eliminate Crime Before It Happens.


    SSA Provides Neighborhood Security Patrol Services with Off-Duty Law Enforcement

    Los Angeles’s Leading Subscription to Armed Security Personnel


    SSA is locally owned and operated by former LAPD Supervisors and manned by professional, off-duty, retired, former licensed law enforcement officers (including LA County Sheriff’s and LAPD.)

    24/7 PATROL

    SSA provides round-the-clock (24/7) armed patrol response every day of the year – allowing direct contact with our patrol officers who never leave the neighborhood/area.



    Our clients receive four-minute or less incident response times, and are typically far faster than public options.



    Our 24/7/365 security presence is dedicated your neighborhood and provides a constant, visible deterrent to crime and trespassers.

    Known for our subscription-based security patrol service, our armed, highly-trained and experienced officers serve our clients in their homes, businesses, and entire neighborhoods. We provide a unique scope of security and protection services to our clients 24 hours/day, 365 days of the year. Monitored at all times via GPS, our patrol officers never leave their designated neighborhood area, and shift changes are coordinated within the area of assignment. Our clients have direct cell phone access to their active patrol officers/cars at all times. Our services also include, but are not limited to, rapid response for alarm activations and emergencies, vacation watch, residence checks, security sweeps, accompanying residents home and/or awaiting ride share pick up/drop off, regular subscriber communication and crime alerts, residential security review and recommendations, pro-active patrol, neighborhood crime suppression, and custom security patrol by request.

    Areas We Serve

    SSA Currently Provides Security Services In These Los Angeles Neighborhoods

    If your neighborhood is not currently listed, please contact us for additional information about our services and coverage areas.

    What Our Clients Say

    SSA immediately created credibility, personalized the service, and provided the security for the neighborhood we wanted and needed. To be successful in any business, you must always and consistently put your clients’ best interests first. When you do, your personal needs will be realized beyond your greatest expectations. SSA has met this challenge and I would recommend them to anyone seeking solace from a professional security group

    Dr. John L. Schwartz, MD
    Pacific Palisades

    Recently my home was burglarized while my house-sitter was present. She immediately called LAPD and SSA. SSA responded first and communicated suspect information to the LAPD, assisted in coordinating their response and conducted an area search. They also alerted LAPD to the fact that I am a retired law enforcement officer and might have weapons in the house, which resulted in a greater response on the part of the police. After conducting an area search, SSA returned to my home to assist in securing the premises. From the initial response to assuring my home was secure and calming the house-sister, SSA did a thorough and professional job. I am delighted that I am a subscriber.

    Riviera Palisades

    SSA has been a positive presence in our lives for over a decade. They’ve made our neighborhood a much safer place, and we sleep and travel better knowing they’re on the job. Their patrol cars have high visibility and their officers are personable, quick to respond and always ready to help. There’s simply no comparison between SSA and the cheaper services — you indeed get what you pay for.

    The Gale Family
    Pacific Palisades

    Terry, Jerry and their team have never disappointed me. The two founders are always available by email, their patrol cars know the homeowners they protect, and are reachable by phone 24/7. Whether I need a patrol car to meet me at the door; watch my home when I’m out of town; respond to an alarm activation; or investigate suspicious activity on my block, SSA is always there and ready to serve. I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

    Susan Roth
    Hancock Park

    SSA is experienced, discreet and highly professional (staffed by current and former LAPD officers and law enforcement pros). They also happen to be a group of caring and compassionate officers. With 24/7/365 coverage, no other security patrol comes close to providing their level of service. Simply put, SSA provides the most exceptional private security and fastest responding neighborhood patrol in Los Angeles.

    Judy S.
    Windsor Square

    Our neighborhood has seen an incredible reduction in crime since SSA started their patrol. Their expertly trained patrol officers provide an added sense of security knowing they are less than a few minutes away, should anything arise.

    John Mass
    Brentwood Park

    Our family has lived in the Windsor Square neighborhood for many years. We have been clients of SSA since 2008. We have relied on SSA on many occasions when we or our daughters had safety concerns — whether suspicious cars or strangers roaming our neighborhood, or people in parked cars making too much noise, dumping trash, or engaged in extra-curricular activities — the response time is immediate as our call goes directly to the patrol car manned by trained law enforcement officers. No delays because of intermediaries. Most of SSA’s officers are current or former LAPD. They have a thorough understanding of the laws and the justice system. They are able to handle and diffuse tough situations, or if necessary, detain those who are breaking the law. They have close relationships with the LAPD which results in quick response times by the Wilshire and Olympic divisions. We appreciate the feeling of safety that SSA provides and back up our recommendation by continuing to be loyal customers.

    Jack Humphreville
    Windsor Square

    SSA as a company, and their officers are extremely professional, empathetic, solution oriented, kind and just nice people. Combined with being authoritative and stern when necessary, the SSA officers always make us feel safe and secure in our home and neighborhood. We feel like we have our own police force patrolling the neighborhood. Since we hired SSA as our security patrol, I can’t imagine not having them part of our lives now. We rely on them whenever we go on vacation or are away from our home for a period of time. We never worry about our house being attacked, ever. They know each member of our family, including our children, our cars, our employees (gardener, housekeeper). SSA are like living guardian angels. And if that’s not worth every penny, I don’t know what is.

    Susie Forte Gilman
    Pacific Palisades