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New Services Areas of Beverly Hills and Bel Air

September 1, 2022 – Los Angeles, California. SSA Security Group, Inc. (“SSA”), a subsidiary of Patrol Protect Secure, Inc. (“PPS”), is pleased to announce its expansion into new service areas of Beverly Hills, California and Bel Air, Los Angeles, California. The company will now offer its private security patrol and off duty law enforcement personnel to businesses and residences in both Beverly Hills and Bel Air.

SSA is well known for its security and protection services in the Los Angeles Area and specializes in neighborhood vehicle patrols with armed security personnel. SSA provides a private cadre of officers and patrol vehicles on a subscription basis to clients that require on-demand security and protection. Officers are armed, have arrest powers under California law of private persons arrest provisions, and liaise with local law enforcement. SSA’s core service includes officer response times of less than five minutes, a constant visible security deterrent, exclusive use of law enforcement and qualified military veterans, and 24/7/365 active operations. SSA provides its qualified military veteran employees academy training and certification by law enforcement trainers. In addition to its core services, the company offers executive protection, special events, and regular post orders.

SSA Founder and Executive Vice President, Terry Segraves, commented, “We have experienced unprecedented demand for reliable security services and crime deterrence in our hometown of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. Since adding 24/7 patrols to both Beverly Hills and Bel Air, we can help more residents and businesses maintain safety and security without compromising our service capacity.”

SSA also provides neighborhood security services in the neighborhoods of Pacific Palisades, Holmby Westwood, Santa Monica, Hancock Park, Huntington, Brentwood, Windsor Square, Larchmont, and Fremont Place.

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Our Residential and Commercial Security Patrol Service Includes:


Trained Police Officer Personnel

Our security personnel are professionally trained off-duty or former police and law enforcement. Our personnel often have working relationships and direct lines of communication with on-duty law enforcement resources.


24/7/365 Armed Patrol

We provide constant security presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fast Response Times

Our clients receive four-minute or less incident response times, and are typically far faster than public options.


Constant Visible Deterrent

Our 24/7/365 security presence is dedicated your neighbourhood and provides a constant, visible deterrent to crime and trespassers.


Law Enforcement Leadership

Our company leadership consists of former LAPD and law enforcement professionals with deep law-enforcement training and relationships.


Residence Checks and Security Sweeps

We are available to conduct on-demand home checks and security sweeps of our clients’ properties.


Home Security Audits

All clients receive an audit of their home security setup and associated systems.


Alarm Response

We often act as our clients’ first responders to home and panic alarms. We can work with your alarm company.


Vacation Property Watch

Our clients who are away from their property for extended periods rely on us for on-demand or regular property checks.


Package Handling

For clients away from their property we are able to handle the retrievable and secure storage of sensitive deliveries.


Neighborhood Security Alerts and Communications

We provide our clients with regular updates regarding neighborhood security and incident reporting.