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Why is Private Security Patrol Becoming a Trend in Los Angeles?

The private security industry is growing rapidly due to the efficiency and peace of mind a security service can offer individuals and businesses. To reduce crime and protect assets, private security patrols are being employed more than ever, with expectations to increase. The number of US private security employees has even been reported to out-number that of police officers by nearly 400,000. However, many police officers also operate in the private sector, which is allowed in many jurisdictions. In the Los Angeles Area for example, top providers of private neighborhood security utilize off-duty and recently retired law enforcement officers.

Given the unrest that has been fermenting over the last couple of years throughout the country, private security patrols offer a level of responsiveness to their clientele that significantly augments public services such as law enforcement or emergency response. By investing in a personal or community security team, you can greatly reduce your risk for being exposed to crime—a risk that is higher if you live in Los Angeles compared to the rest of California.

The best security providers should have a working relationship with law enforcement and public service agencies to ensure that communication is smooth and efficient if a crime should happen. Due to the vast number of private security providers, there are stark differences in the quality and capabilities of these companies. For clients in Los Angeles and other highly sensitive settings, choosing a top-quality security firm is of utmost importance.

More and more individual homeowners, businesses, and communities are considering the investment into private patrols and should seek four key attributes. A quality security service provider should be able to offer ultra-qualified personnel, fast response times, constant 24/7/365 presence to deter crime and respond to clients, and the ability to engage a threat or crime.

H2: Attribute 1—Private Security Personnel is Highly Trained or Equipped with Police Experience

A prime reason people are continuing to make the investment in private security patrols is because of the efficiency they can bring to protecting your neighborhood or assets. Only leading patrol providers offer off-duty police officers or former law enforcement personnel, making them fully prepared to handle an emergency. Security companies that employ a majority of off-duty or former law enforcement personnel are generally providing their clients with the superior security.

H3: Attribute 2—Private Security Patrols Can Often Respond Faster than Law Enforcement

With the national average for police response time being 5-7 minutes, private security providers are growing in popularity because of top providers’ ability to respond to emergencies and even non-emergencies faster than public service agencies. Leading security providers have deployable resources to respond quickly to their clients’ needs, including those that may not qualify as an emergency for police response – for example, securing a sensitive package delivery when you are not home. Private security patrols also should have working relationships with law enforcement, the local fire department, and medical emergency response. This level of assistance is a vital component to an effective private security team.

H5: Attribute 3— The Constant Presence of Private Security Deters Crime

Another reason communities and neighborhoods are investing in safety patrols is because of the deterrent their presence will make for crime in the surrounding area. Throughout Los Angeles, crime rates have been increasing between 20-40%, varying based on the nature of the crime. The presence of active security patrols can work to actively deter crime in neighborhoods and provide families and communities peace of mind. With the best security companies offering 24/7/365 on-call security services, they provide an added level of safety when combined with typical public services. If a security company’s employees consist of off-duty police officers, a patrol team may also be armed and able to intervene or proactively prevent a serious crime.

H6: Attribute 4—Privately Hired Off-Duty Police Officers are Able to Make Arrests

If the private security provider that is hired is composed of off-duty or former police officers, they are able to physically make arrests under citizen arrest laws and are experienced enough to do so safely. This element is a valuable aspect of private security because it means that your provider is essentially a dedicated law enforcement team. The combined relationship with on-duty public service providers is the key element that makes the private security and public service relationship synonymous and efficient.

H7: SSA Security Patrol Units Can Protect Your LA Community

If you’re interested in hiring a local private security team for your home, neighborhood, or community, SSA Security Group is the leading solution in the Los Angeles area. SSA’s personnel consists of trained off-duty and former police officers. The company specializes in neighborhood security patrol and also offer a range of additional security solutions that can protect your family and assets.

For over 30 years, our SSA security teams have serviced the following Los Angeles neighborhoods:

  • Santa Monica
  • Pacific Palisades
  • Riviera
  • Brentwood
  • Bel Air
  • Hancock Park
  • Windsor Square

Give us a call today and let our client engagement professionals ease your Los Angeles security and protection worries. Our teams are dedicated to developing a security plan that works for you. Inquire about our full list of on-call security services and build a monthly subscription plan that meets your exact needs.

  • Trained Police Officer Personnel
  • 24/7/365 Armed Patrol
  • Fast Response Times
  • Constant Visible Deterrent 
  • Law Enforcement Partnerships
  • Residence Checks
  • Security Sweeps
  • Home Security Audits
  • Private Alarm Response
  • Vacation Property Watch
  • Package Handling
  • Neighborhood Security Alerts

Our Residential and Commercial Security Patrol Service Includes:


Trained Police Officer Personnel

Our security personnel are professionally trained off-duty or former police and law enforcement. Our personnel often have working relationships and direct lines of communication with on-duty law enforcement resources.


24/7/365 Armed Patrol

We provide constant security presence 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Fast Response Times

Our clients receive four-minute or less incident response times, and are typically far faster than public options.


Constant Visible Deterrent

Our 24/7/365 security presence is dedicated your neighbourhood and provides a constant, visible deterrent to crime and trespassers.


Law Enforcement Leadership

Our company leadership consists of former LAPD and law enforcement professionals with deep law-enforcement training and relationships.


Residence Checks and Security Sweeps

We are available to conduct on-demand home checks and security sweeps of our clients’ properties.


Home Security Audits

All clients receive an audit of their home security setup and associated systems.


Alarm Response

We often act as our clients’ first responders to home and panic alarms. We can work with your alarm company.


Vacation Property Watch

Our clients who are away from their property for extended periods rely on us for on-demand or regular property checks.


Package Handling

For clients away from their property we are able to handle the retrievable and secure storage of sensitive deliveries.


Neighborhood Security Alerts and Communications

We provide our clients with regular updates regarding neighborhood security and incident reporting.