Security Services

In addition to its standard practice, operates several individual and divisions of security services. The corporation specializes in executive protection, consultation, facility and other private security matters.

ENTERTAINMENT DIVISION: This division focuses on theft prevention and recovery of high-cost production and processing equipment in the motion picture industry.

AIR TRANSPORTATION DIVISION: This division has been established to provide multi-level personnel background checks (screening) for airlines and their contract companies to ensure the most safety and security in air transportation.

PERSONAL PROTECTION: This division specializes in protection services, armed and unarmed for executives, celebrities, and other high profile individuals as well as a variety of private security matters involving these types of individuals.

FACILITIES SECURITY DIVISION: This division specializes in facilities protection and has had experience with multi-million dollar art security.

SECURITY CONSULTATION/TRAINING DIVISION: This division was established to consult with corporations and facilities in the field of consultation of security measures, threat assessments and personal protection training of VIP’s and high profile persons.

RESIDENTIAL PATROL DIVISION: SSA Security Group, Inc. has a staff of active and former law enforcement officers who have had the training and skill to perform any and all tasks of security. As in our other divisions, many of our Security Specialists assigned to patrol Division are active or former S.W.A.T. team gainers and officers of the elite Metropolitan Division of the LAPD, while others have experience in narcotics/vice, detective, and patrol functions.