Residential Services


SSA Security Group is here to serve all of your security needs and the needs of the neighborhoods we are assigned. We will always be “Providing a Secure Environment” to the community and each member of the subscribing families.

SSA Security is more than a logo on a patrol car.  It is the level of knowledge possessed by the Security Specialist in the car that makes the difference between other security company. Each of our assigned Security Specialists is also a highly-trained and highly-experienced police officer committed to serving your community and committed to the reduction and suppression of crime.  In the Southern California area, we have no competition in this arena.

Many patrol companies are fundamentally flawed in that the personnel hired are many times inexperienced and minimally trained to do the job.  At SSA Security, we begin with a trained officer and add the aspects of private security instruction and overviews of the area they will work.  They recognize problems and solve those problems, many times before they occur.

With SSA Security Group, Inc, you are guaranteed:

  • The patrol is manned by P.O.S.T. Certified (CA Police Officer Standards in Training) trained off duty and retired / former police officers.
  • The company is in compliance with all BSIS (CA Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) requirements
  • Each person manning an SSA Security vehicle has graduated from a certified police academy, the majority of them through the LAPD OR LASD  Academy
  • The patrol vehicle never leaves the designated neighborhood except to refuel.
  • Change of Watch occurs in the area of assignment (residential neighborhood) thus eliminating any loss of time in the area.
  • The patrol vehicle patrols consistently 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • The patrol vehicle is at all times monitored via a GPS system installed on the vehicle.
  • Our clients have direct communication with the patrol vehicle and the officer through mobile telephone.
  • Our clients will have 24-7 direct contact with the company’s principals
  • SSA Security has an ongoing liaison with the Law Enforcement agencies in your area to keep abreast of any specific crime trends.
  • The SSA Security Patrol Officers are pro-active. They are trained to be highly observant, and will identify approach and react to possible suspects in the area, in a professional manner.
  • The SSA Security Specialists, being trained police officers, are inherently problem identifiers and problem solvers
  • It has been proven that crime suppression by dedicated and experienced personnel will create a reduction in crime.  At SSA Security, our specialists have the experience and training in conducting this method of pro-active patrol
  • In the residential area where this method has been implemented by SSA Security, this system has in fact created a reduction of all crimes in the neighborhood
  • SSA Security management will deliver (by e mail) a monthly newsletters and Specific Crime Alerts (when the information is fresh) and ensure the alert is distributed to each subscriber.
  • SSA will respond to all alarm activations when the resident includes our emergency number to be contacted by their alarm company.
  • SSA will complete several checks of the residence, each day, when the resident is away on business or vacation and has notified us they will be absent from the residence. Special requests of the client will be adhered to during these residence checks.
  • SSA will accompany any resident to their home should they feel threatened.
  • SSA will perform a security sweep of the residence if the resident feels threatened.
  • Suggestions will be made to our subscribers relative to their home and their well-being keeping the overall security at the optimal level.  There will be no changes unless agreed upon by both SSA and the residents.
  • Additional personnel can be deployed should the detail parameters change.  Other deployment options do exist to allow more coverage and can be discussed.
  • Due to the experience of our trained officers, they realize the importance of creating a relationship with his/her clients.  Once this relationship is formed it allows our officers to become aware of specific security needs of the client. By working together, the neighborhood becomes a more safe and secured place.  This is a proven system that has been proven when utilizing concepts of team policing and the “beat cop” mentality, which SSA Security employees in our daily security patrol duties.