SSA Security Group, Inc. has a myriad of highly trained and skilled full and part-time security specialists. Each has vast experience In personal protection of VIP’s and property.

The security specialists/investigators come from a myriad of professional backgrounds. Some are retired law enforcement personnel, the majority were or are assigned to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Metropolitan Division and many work the S.W.A.T. detail. Many are specialists in unarmed tactics and each are properly documented to carry weapons during assignments. Others have worked for insurance companies and special investigation units. Three have many years of experience as private investigators and security specialists in the States of California and Texas.

We service the entire State of California. The San Diego area is covered by the Orange County office and Central California is the responsibility of the Chatsworth staff. We are presently in the process of obtaining licensing in Texas and Nevada. Many security details and investigations have led our investigators to almost every state, including Hawaii. Foreign contacts extend to Canada, Japan and Europe.